2017 Draft Rankings/Summaries 1-64

  1. Myles Garrett

Why he’s #1:

  • Unreal combo of explosive power, length, and strength
  • Good speed
  • Extremely productive
  • Best DE prospect of last decade by comfortable margin/dream prospect
  • Uber freak
  1. Malik Hooker

Why he’s #2:

  • Super-rare combo of range and balls skills
  • Elite break on ball
  • Strong, solidly built
  • Good length and giant hands
  • Outstanding high school basketball player

Why he’s not #1:

  • Not currently healthy, and didn’t compete at Combine or Pro Day
  • Needs to clean up angles
  • Needs to improve tackling consistency
  • One year of production
  • He’s not Myles Garrett
  1. Jordan Willis

Why he’s #3:

  • Compares favorably to Vic Beasley and DeMarcus Ware
  • Agility, burst, explosive power – has it all
  • Productive pass rusher despite often being asked to read OT
  • Outstanding character, work ethic, and awareness
  • Advanced hand technique
  • Clear role as pass rusher in NFL

Why he’s not #2:

  • Skill set comes around once every 2 or 3 years/not a generational talent like Garrett and Hooker
  • Senior
  1. Solomon Thomas

Why he’s #4:

  • Good burst, explosive power, strength, and speed – outstanding agility
  • Versatile – can play Edge or kick inside to rush passer
  • Extremely disruptive, always in backfield
  • Good motor

Why he’s not #3:

  • Not as productive as Willis and falls bellow production thresholds
  • Roles less clear in NFL than Willis
  1. TJ Watt

Why he’s #5:

  • Big OLB with huge hands and A+ agility
  • Strong with good speed and very good explosive power
  • Disruptive and at times dominant despite limited experience at position
  • Relentless effort
  • Can rush passer, stop run, and drop in coverage
  • Pedigree

Why he’s not #4:

  • Below production threshold
  • Needs significant refinement
  1. David Njoku

Why he’s #6:

  • Freak athlete with burst, agility, and speed
  • A+ run after catch
  • Can score from anywhere on the field
  • Elite OT length
  • Sculpted from stone
  • Productive receiver

Why he’s not #5:

  • Offensive player
  • Must improve blocking
  • Had concentration drops
  1. OJ Howard

Why he’s #7:

  • Great blocker, A+ speed and agility
  • Very nice frame
  • Made most of receiving opportunities at Alabama
  • Will help run and pass game – outstanding versatility

Why he’s not #6:

  • Not as experienced or developed as Njoku as a receiver
  • Frame isn’t as magnificent as Njoku’s
  • Just as good as Njoku/depends what you want/need
  1. Deshaun Watson

Why he’s #8:

  • A+ feel for the game and poise
  • Knows how to move ball/does what it takes
  • A+ in big games
  • Alters trajectory, outstanding touch
  • Aggressive taking shot downfield
  • Knows how to throw receiver open
  • A world-class leader with a chip on his shoulder
  • Very good mobility/great feet

Why he’s not #7:

  • Reads half the field
  • Only adequate arm strength
  • INT’s
  1. Marshon Lattimore

Why he’s #9:

  • Generational make-up speed/burst
  • Outstanding ball skills
  • Sticky in coverage
  • Shows some toughness in run game

Why he’s not #8:

  • Injured a lot
  • Not a big or long CB, small hands
  1. Tyus Bowser

Why he’s #10:

  • Elite athlete – Outstanding agility, very good explosive power, good speed
  • As a Senior averaged 1 sack and 1.5 TFL per game
  • Fluid and experienced dropping in coverage
  • Can dip and bend the edge and has cat-quick inside move

Why he’s not #9:

  • Raw as a pass rusher/needs to learn how to use his hands
  • Could improve physicality/a little finesse
  1. Forrest Lamp

Why he’s #11:

  • Wonderful base, moves very well, exceptional play strength
  • Clean game overall
  • Good athlete
  • Handled Alabama’s pass rushers with relative ease despite short arms
  • Strong enough for Power scheme/quick enough for Zone scheme

Why he’s not #10

  • Plays OG
  • Will transition from OT to OG/some projection
  • Good/not great athlete – can get off balance, though rare
  1. Cam Robinson

Why he’s #12:

  • Ideal frame, outstanding pulling and blocking at 2nd level
  • Mauler in run game
  • Uses long arms and 320lbs to anchor as well as anyone you’ll see
  • Also a natural fit at OG –versatile/insurance

Why he’s not #11:

  • Lapses in concentration
  • Not a great athlete
  • Some questions about character/ability to play LT
  1. Gareon Conley

Why he’s #13:

  • Good-to-great in every physical aspect, battle-tested, poised
  • 33” arms
  • Good speed an explosive power
  • High-end agility
  • Mirrors receivers with relative ease

Why he’s not #12:

  • Can be late to turn head
  • Gave up more plays than ideal
  • Make-speed/burst only adequate
  • Could improve tackling and overall physicality
  1. Haason Reddick

Why he’s #14:

  • Tenacious player with elite speed and great burst
  • Can rush off edge or blitz at special level for off-ball LB
  • One the two best (J. Davis) man-cover LB’s in draft
  • Super active and tough/should fight through blocks and traffic better than most

Why he’s not #13:

  • Transitioning from DE to LB – LB instincts?
  • Agility testing a disappointment
  1. Derek Rivers

Why he’s #15:

  • Very good athlete with high-end agility and production
  • Bends edge very well
  • Strong

Why he’s not #14:

  • Small-school production
  • Very good but not elite athlete, no super-elite characteristics
  1. Leonard Fournette

Why he’s #16:

  • Big, powerful RB with breakaway speed
  • Natural athlete
  • Shows top-end mental processing/instinctive runner
  • When healthy, outstanding balance through contact
  • Looks natural catching ball on limited reps

Why he’s not #15:

  • Gives a lot to hit/injury concerns
  • Just one year of top production
  • Poor explosive power – not huge deal/but not Adrian Peterson
  1. Christian McCaffrey

Why he’s #17:

  • Extremely agile (elite), versatile, runs bigger than he is
  • Super shifty
  • Mix of McCoy, Rice, and Sproles
  • Unstoppable weapon in right offense/can excel at slot if asked
  • No athletic weaknesses
  • Dangerous return man

Why he’s not #16

  • Small RB
  • Likely not ideal for 4-minute offense/won’t salt game away
  1. Corey Davis

Why he’s #18:

  • Ultra-productive, long arms, separates with ease
  • Good frame
  • Makes acrobatic/contested catches
  • Mix of Jordy Nelson and DeAndre Hopkins

Why he’s not #17:

  • No physical testing
  • Small school
  • Mediocre production vs Power Five
  1. Evan Engram

Why he’s #19:

  • Big/fast WR or small/super-fast TE
  • Best seam threat in class
  • Very good explosive power, burst, and agility for TE or WR
  • Match-up nightmare
  • Good effort and technique as blocker in run and pass game
  • Big hands, good length
  • Too quick and fast for all but a few S’s and LB’s
  • Too physical for any CB at his size

Why he’s not #18:

  • Not as productive as tools indicate/below thresholds for WR
  • Small for TE
  • Some concentration drops
  1. Zach Cunningham

Why he’s #20:

  • Elite instincts + elite ability to defeat OL
  • Very good production – TFL and tackles
  • Makes game-changing plays on D and ST’s
  • Good athlete with great frame and ideal length

Why he’s not #19:

  • Poor tackling form/must be cleaned up
  • Good/not-great athlete
  • Doesn’t bring the thump you want to the ball carrier
  • No INT’s
  1. Derek Barnett

Why he’s #21:

  • Elite, consistent production
  • Very good agility
  • Uses hands very well
  • Combination of hands/agility allows him to bend edge at elite level
  • Great motor

Why he’s not #20:

  • Poor speed and burst
  • Lack of overall athleticism will limit his overall impact
  1. Jabril Peppers

Why he’s #22:

  • Dynamic, natural athlete, who can impact game in a variety of ways
  • Good instincts in rung game – high TFL as Junior
  • Athletic ability to excel in man coverage
  • Physical, relentless, hich-character

Why he’s not #21:

  • Limited production overall
  • 1 INT
  • Coverage technique requires significant improvement
  • Will have to prove he can focus at one position
  1. Jamal Adams

Why he’s #23:

  • Elite character, team leader, field general
  • Aggressive in run game
  • Solid instincts
  • Can cover some in man
  • Versatile player

Why he’s not #22:

  • Limited athlete
  • Mediocre production/not a ballhawk
  • May be limited to SS
  • Not athletic enough to cover NFL WR’s
  • Instincts aren’t high-level
  1. Jonathan Allen

Why he’s #24:

  • Grown-man strength, outstanding hands, wonderful base
  • Clever pass rusher from perimeter or inside
  • Thick lower half
  • Super instinctive

Why he’s not #23:

  • Limited athlete – lacking explosive power and agility
  • Small for 3-tech
  • Injury concerns – shoulder
  1. Chris Wormley

Why he’s #25:

  • Fast, agile, long, big for 3 or 5-tech
  • Good production despite playing out of position at Michigan
  • Physical player, who moves like he’s 265lbs
  • Dangerous on stunts and high-end motor

Why he’s not #24:

  • While production level is good considering miscast, it’s below thresholds
  • Limited reps inside, where he belongs
  1. Obi Melifonwu

Why he’s #26:

  • ELITE athlete with rare combo of size, speed, and explosive power
  • Both jumps in the 99th percentile
  • HUGE Safety/GIANT CB
  • Ideal for matching up with TE’s and Jumbo WR’s
  • Maybe only player in draft with physical tools to match up with athletic TE’s

Why he’s not #25:

  • Doesn’t come down hill with authority
  • Not physical or a big hitter
  • Not instinctive
  • Can be slow to react – Raw
  1. Marcus Williams

Why he’s #27:

  • Rangy FS with good instincts and elite burst/explosive power
  • Outstanding ball skills/INT production
  • Reliable tackler with good length
  • Elite athlete – good agility in addition to outstanding burst
  • Excelled in all coverage assignments

Why he’s not #26:

  • Smallish
  • Inconsistent tracking deep ball – bad plays vs BYU
  1. Ahkello Witherspoon

Why he’s #28:

  • Elite combination of length, speed, and burst
  • Great frame, good bulk, very big hands
  • Very quick, mirrors WR’s very well
  • Competitive cutting off routes and fighting for ball
  • Compares to a more athletic Richard Sherman

Why he’s not #27:

  • Soft tackler
  • Must improve physicality/willingness to participate in run game
  • Despite high PBU total, can be late to locate ball
  1. Marlon Humphrey

Why he’s #29:

  • Elite combination of speed, agility, and length
  • Physical and well built
  • Only 21 years old
  • Blows up WR screens

Why he’s not #28:

  • Gets beat deep
  • Technique needs refinement
  • Not particularly instinctive/only two years of college experience
  1. Shaquill Griffin

Why he’s #30:

  • One of four players with 32”+ arms to run sub-4.40 40 (Peterson, Slay, and Gilbert) since 2010
  • Physical CB with nasty disposition
  • Elite/near-elite explosive power
  • Above average agility
  • Good ball skills

Why he’s not #29:

  • Will be 23
  • Technique needs work/gets beat deep
  1. Kevin King

Why he’s #31:

  • ELITE agility with very good explosive power and speed
  • Huge CB with good length
  • Best overall athlete at CB in the draft by comfortable margin
  • Sound player/keeps ball in front
  • Makes some plays/flashes instincts

Why he’s not #30:

  • Not instinctive overall
  • Gives up separation despite physical gifts
  • Not a playmaker/slow to react
  1. Quincy Wilson

Why he’s #32:

  • Technically sound with good agility, enough speed, and great size
  • Increased INT total each season
  • Not scheme dependant despite size

Why he’s not #31:

  • Not a great athlete
  • Not sudden or explosive
  • Not as physical as frame suggests
  • Some ugly missed tackles
  1. Daeshon Hall

Why he’s #33:

  • Exceptional combo of length and agility
  • Compares favorably to Aldon Smith and Chandler Jones
  • Good explosive power
  • Productive TFL player

Why he’s not #32:

  • Not a productive pass rusher
  • Not as productive overall as tools would indicate
  • Requires refinement despite being Senior
  1. Jarrad Davis

Why he’s #34:

  • Big hitter, fast, excellent athlete
  • One of two best man-cover LB’s in draft (H. Reddick)
  • Good length
  • Leader, plays with passion

Why he’s not #33:

  • Instincts aren’t very good, multiple big runs because he’s wrong or late
  • Injury concerns – style of play + history
  • Limited production because of instincts and injuries
  1. Montravious Adams

Why he’s #35:

  • Elite speed, adequate size (well built), excellent strength
  • Eats up man blocks and holds ground vs double-teams
  • Catalyst of stingy Run D

Why he’s not #34:

  • Lackluster production – TFL and sacks fall below threshold
  • Not dynamic athlete overall
  1. Mike Williams

Why he’s #36:

  • Great frame, long and muscular
  • Adequate speed
  • High points ball at high level
  • A+ grabbing contested balls
  • Difficult for DB’s to tackle – strong RAC

Why he’s not #35:

  • Doesn’t separate with ease
  • Heavy-footed running routes
  • Concentration drops
  • Lacks burst
  1. Raekwon McMillan

Why he’s #37:

  • Physical LB who sees field well, good instincts and speed
  • Fills gaps with purpose and urgency
  • Young
  • Good size and length
  • Solid in zone coverage

Why he’s not #36:

  • Doesn’t make a ton of plays
  • Only average athlete overall with below average agility
  • Not as many TFL as you prefer
  1. Reuben Foster

Why he’s #38:

  • Heavy hitter, fast, sideline-to-sideline LB
  • Good in coverage
  • Productive senior season

Why he’s not #37:

  • No physical testing, small, attitude/character concerns
  • Instincts are just OK, often a tick late to fill
  • Kept clean by Alabama DL
  • Sub-standard career production
  1. Josh Jones

Why he’s #39:

  • Big, fast, explosive Safety
  • Flies all over field
  • Range to play FS/size and physicality to play SS
  • Versatile and dynamic

Why he’s not #38”

  • Can be too aggressive, causing missed tackles
  • Agility is mediocre
  • Instincts are just good enough
  1. Mitch Trubisky

Why he’s #40:

  • Efficient QB with arm to push ball outside and downfield
  • Adequate size
  • Good speed and agility
  • Adequate accuracy
  • Winning combination of physical traits and skills

Why he’s not #39:

  • One year of production
  • Awkward delivery
  • Not a natural leader – aw-shucks guy
  1. Deshone Kizer

Why he’s #41:

  • Big, beautiful frame and cannon arm
  • Smooth delivery
  • Has experience cycling through progressions
  • Productive sophomore season

Why he’s not #40:

  • Despite smoothness, has long, wind-up delivery
  • Often looks out of sorts
  • Very inconsistent
  • Below average athlete/not as mobile as advertised
  1. Patrick Mahommes

Why he’s #42:

  • Dynamic playmaker with rocket arm
  • Talented feet
  • Best 3rd and long QB in draft
  • Good touch, can vary trajectory

Why he’s not #41:

  • Despite 1,349 attempts, horrendous footwork and fundamentals
  • Was overwhelmed at times
  • Boom or bust – Brett Favre or some bum?
  1. Dorian Johnson

Why he’s #43:

  • OT length, fires out of stance, and uses hands very well
  • Strong base – excellent in pass pro
  • Pulls well
  • High-level explosive power

Why he’s not #42:

  • Very poor agility
  • Just OK speed
  • Very light for OG
  1. Dan Feeney

Why he’s #44:

  • Great base, moves well, excellent 2nd-level blocker
  • Good agility and above average speed
  • Reliable in assignments and technique
  • Should be 10-year starter

Why he’s not #43:

  • Can bend at waist/look top heavy
  • Just a pretty good athlete
  • Light for OG
  1. Dion Dawkins

Why he’s #45:

  • Has length and agility to excel at OT
  • Good build and weight
  • Good speed
  • Solid base and mirrors well

Why he’s not #44:

  • Can play high and bend at waist
  • Not soft, but not particularly physical
  • Needs to improve technique more than OL ranked ahead
  1. Josh Reynolds

Why he’s #46:

  • Tracks ball as well as any WR in class
  • Separates with ease
  • Wins contested catches
  • Has extra gear to pull away
  • 30 TD’s in three seasons

Why he’s not #45:

  • Thin
  • Short arms
  • Just one 1,000-yard season
  1. Taywan Taylor

Why he’s #47:

  • Exceptional understanding of leverage
  • Physical tools and instincts allow him to separate anywhere on field
  • 41 TD’s and 3,964 yards over last three seasons
  • Elite burst, quickness, and agility
  • Legit deep threat
  • Good bulk and length

Why not #46?

  • Small-school/Spread production
  • 5’11
  1. John Ross

Why he’s #48:

  • Fastest player on record with elite burst
  • Productive junior season – 17 TD’s
  • Lightning quick – see Adoree Jackson’s ankles

Why he’s not #47:

  • One year of production
  • Small, light, small hands
  • Drops a concern because of small hands
  1. JuJu Smith-Schuster

Why he’s #49:

  • Big, strong WR with long arms and huge hands
  • Hits production thresholds
  • Young
  • Natural athlete – somewhere between H. Nicks and A. Boldin

Why he’s not #48:

  • Mediocre burst
  • Just adequate speed
  • Somewhat disappointing junior season
  1. Zay Jones

Why he’s #50:

  • Ultra productive, smooth route runner
  • Elite athlete with high-end agility, speed, and burst
  • Outstanding catch percentage/few drops
  • Good frame
  • Makes everything look easy

Why he’s not #49:

  • Much of production came via bubble-screens
  • TD production just OK
  • Small-school competition/Spread offense
  • 9” hands
  1. Bucky Hodges

Why he’s #51:

  • Elite speed and explosive power
  • Experienced receiver
  • Big upside if he has heart and mind to run seam routes

Why he’s not #50:

  • Soft
  • Played WR more than TE – questions about his ability/willingness to play TE
  • Straight-line athlete
  1. Trey Hendrickson

Why he’s #52:

  • Very good athlete with great production
  • Good agility, burst, and speed – no weak areas
  • Compares favorably to Shaq Lawson

Why he’s not #51:

  • No elite traits
  • Small-school production
  • Short arms
  • Play strength a question/concern at DE
  1. D’Onta Foreman

Why he’s #53:

  • Big, fast RB, who blows through arm tackles
  • Runs with good balance and pad level
  • Good in pass pro
  • Big hands

Why he’s not #52:

  • One year of production
  • Limited experience as receiver
  • Running style warrants durability concerns
  1. Alvin Kamara

Why he’s #54:

  • Elite combination of burst and balance
  • Adequate speed
  • Adequate size
  • Makes defenders miss and breaks tackles
  • Good receiver out of backfield

Why he’s not #53:

  • Mediocre production
  • Concerns about his ability to shoulder workload
  • Ball security
  1. Tre’Davious White

Why he’s #55:

  • Instinctive CB with length and feet to play press or off
  • Adequate speed
  • Dangerous return man

Why he’s not #54:

  • Poor burst and below-average agility
  • Below average athlete overall
  • Just OK production
  1. Cordrea Tankersley

Why he’s #56:

  • Terrific combination of ball skills, length, and speed
  • 9 INT’s and 20 PBU’s over last two seasons – also 9.5 TFL
  • Savvy CB who knows how to play to his strengths – uses sideline well
  • Ideal for Cover 2, 3, or 4 D’s

Why he’s not #55:

  • Below average agility and poor burst limit his fits (Cover 2, 3, or 4)
  • Not sticky in coverage
  • Strictly speed, size, ball-skills CB
  1. Rasul Douglas

Why he’s #57:

  • BIG CB with elite ball skills and anticipation
  • Good length
  • Very physical – asset in run game and short passing game
  • Outstanding production in 2016
  • Ideal for Cover 2, 3, or 4

Why he’s not #56:

  • Not a good athlete
  • Slow
  • Like Tankersley, limited to Cover 2, 3, or 4
  1. Fabian Moreau

Why he’s #58:

  • Heavy, fast, explosive CB
  • Has some ball skills
  • Former RB built like RB
  • Decent agility

Why he’s not #57:

  • Super raw
  • Poor instincts
  • Late to react
  • Older than ideal
  1. Adoree’ Jackson

Why he’s #59:

  • Good speed and burst, very good agility
  • Natural athlete with excellent ball skills
  • Breaks on ball very well
  • Good KR, very good PR

Why he’s not #58:

  • Small CB – height and weight
  • Inconsistent technique
  • Gives up separation
  • Good athlete, but not the elite athlete he’s been touted
  1. Kai Nacua

Why he’s #60:

  • Elite athlete with elite range, instincts, and ball skills
  • No weak athletic traits – burst, agility, and speed all range from good to great
  • Good size
  • Sound tackler
  • Upside comp = Darren Sharper

Why he’s not #59:

  • Character/maturity concerns
  • How old is he?
  1. Tanoh Kpassagnon

Why he’s #61:

  • Huge man with outstanding length
  • Good speed and burst for size
  • Bright guy, high character

Why he’s not #60:

  • Needs a great deal of refinement
  • Somewhat similar profile to Shawn Oakman
  • 6’7 is taller than ideal
  • 5-tech?
  1. Nate Gerry

Why he’s #62:

  • Remarkable production
  • Instinctive player, big frame, hard hitter, ball hawk
  • Natural leader/QB of defense
  • Plays with relentless passion
  • Enforcer – ejected for targeting twice

Why he’s not #61:

  • Below average athlete
  • Adequate speed is best athletic trait
  • Doesn’t have the range to reliably play single-high
  • Character concerns/doesn’t seem like a bright guy off the field
  1. Chidobe Awuzie

Why he’s #63:

  • Well-built CB with good speed, burst, and agility
  • Dangerous on slot blitzes
  • Extremely active with absurd tackle, TFL, sack, and FF totals for CB
  • Can excel in zone schemes, as Slot, or as a Safety

Why he’s not #62:

  • Short arms
  • Small hands
  • Not sticky
  • Struggles to stay in the hip
  • Doesn’t play the ball particularly well
  1. Xavier Woods

Why he’s #64:

  • High-end production in every phase
  • Ball hawk with a big stick – 14 INT, 6 FF
  • Big hitter, who knows how to separate ball from WR
  • Above average speed and very good agility
  • Alpha personality on field

Why he’s not #63:

  • Small for Safety, short arms
  • Small-school competition
  • Good but not elite athlete